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  • CellPhone Image Color Cast

    I recently took a photo using my cell phone, now that I have it on my computer, it has a pink/purple ish color cast, and the subjects faces are blown out. Looking at the color channels the blue channel is by far the one that shows the most detail. Is there a tutorial on how to color correct via the channels?

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    Re: CellPhone Image Color Cast

    I have not seen a tutorial on it. However, if and when you do, getting the colors right again can be tricky. Most of us would not use the blue channel in that way. Rather, use it's luminosity in various blend modes just to reveal the detail more in the other channels using calculations (apply) or as an overlaying layer. Then simply tweak color as you would otherwise, or use variations to help you get there.


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      Re: CellPhone Image Color Cast

      Well regarding the color cast you can play with the levels. I did something like it when I scanned a negative leaving it like a color positive to make the conversions in photoshop to get the most of the "original" information without letting the scanner software do any changes to it where there was no real control of it.
      After inverting the colors I found out that the photo had a cyan color cast to it so I started playing with levels first closing the gap on each color channel which just from that helped allot with the color cast, later I played with the color balance and got it to my desired taste.


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        Re: CellPhone Image Color Cast

        How about a sample of the picture so we can give more specific solutions

        RetouchPRO ColorCast Tutorials:


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