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  • Color Calibration Chart

    Can anyone here clue in on how to operate a color calibration chart, for exp
    the GretagMacbeth ColorChecker Chart My images are suffering because of my lack of knowledge in this area. I have included 2 examples, given to me by a fellow forum member. Thanks
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    Re: Color Calibration Chart

    Beezy, these charts could function as a reference. Use the color picker set to 3x3 pixels or higher and note the values of the skin tones for exaqmple in the highlight, shadow and "normal" area in order to see if you are on the right track...


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      Re: Color Calibration Chart

      are you trying to calibrate a camera?


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        Re: Color Calibration Chart

        are you trying to calibrate a camera?

        Nope pixelzombie, just my images after capture. I would like to understand the whole process of color calibration, imagewise only. Thanks


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          Re: Color Calibration Chart

          that's not something that is easily explained, see if any of the links on this page help you out:


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            Re: Color Calibration Chart

            More color charts that might help!!
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              Re: Color Calibration Chart

              Maybe the term calibration is confusing us. We don't actually calibrate images after photographing or scanning them. We do calibrate devices, i.e. camera, scanner, monitor, printer. However, we often adjust our images after a shoot to compensate for incorrect white balance or lighting conditions. By including a color chart in one exposure/image during the shoot, you provide a standard within an image taken in the same lighting conditions. Once you bring the standard image into Photoshop and make adjustments, you can transfer those adjustments to all the other images, shortening your workflow.

              The various other color charts (like above) simply provide a target you can use if you don't like your skin tones, etc. This is why Amica999 mentioned to set your color picker to 3x3 or 5x5, as you don't want to try to match individual pixels... just general tonality.

              Here are a few links to color management principles:
              Dry Creek Photo color management basics
              CambridgeInColour color management overview
              International Color Consortium color management links

              Here are a few links to color management tools, etc.:
              Colour Confidence color charts
              ColorHQ color charts


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                Re: Color Calibration Chart

                Those are helpfull links Tommy, thanks for that.



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