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High-Pass problem

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  • High-Pass problem

    I masked out the skin and saved it as Alpha channel and applied a lens blur on it. After applying multiple high-pass to my image I get strange colour tone on the skin edges...dark colour seem to bleed on to the skin.

    How do I fix this?

    Thanks kindly
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    Re: High-Pass problem

    The problem is probably that you didn't desaturated high-pass layers. After sharpening with high-pass, especially with higher radius settings strange coloration will appear. So after you apply high-pass, desaturate the layer. The easiest way would be ctrl+shift+u on windows. If you still have the problem, than I would need more information about the process so I could try to find where is the problem.


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      Re: High-Pass problem


      Desaturating still doesn't do it.
      Check the attached image to see what I'm getting
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        Re: High-Pass problem

        Originally posted by quadupix View Post

        Desaturating still doesn't do it.
        Check the attached image to see what I'm getting
        No worries MilanS! I finally figured it out after hours and hours of trials and errors...after 100 views and only 1 response I figured I rather roll up my sleeves....

        ...alot of experimentions with the opacities is all it took!
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          Re: High-Pass problem

          As I responded in my message, you're doing the "degrunge" (spelling?) technique not a high pass sharpening, the technique is intended for the skin not edges seems like you're painting with a brush with 100% opacity, you can do 2 things
          1 use smaller values for the technique that way the edges aren't as blured (spelling?)
          2 don't use a brush with that much opacity, use less and try to do some Dodge & Burn tequnique if you have too much problems in the edges


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