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New here, got some skills but looking to hone them

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  • New here, got some skills but looking to hone them

    Here's an example of my retouching skills, so far self taught but i just started a digital photo class at a community college that I go to for photography here in Michigan.
    It not my most recent but it's one that i had side by side in the same image link.

    And everything else on that photobucket site is old candids so don't take that as my recent work. My newer photos can be viewed at:

    Add me there and we can exchange critiques!
    Any and all constructive criticism is VERY welcomed!

    There's my intro!

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    Re: New here, got some skills but looking to hone

    For the picture with the asian girl, the eyeshadow looks too strange. It transitions to bluntly from bright to dark, so I suggest smoothing it out to produce the look of a more skilled application. One of the eyebags is still blatant as ever, and it looks weird because the other eye is completely bagless. The full eyebrow is at too sharp an angle, and is also strangely fuzzy looking. Clean it up. The eye that is more in the shadows look like it doesn't have any eyeshadow at all. I would personally brighten the irises, but that isn't necessary. Though I can't fully tell at that size, the skin looks pretty good and healthily smooth, and you made her look very well rested (which is a positive).


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      Re: New here, got some skills but looking to hone

      honestly, i think whatever you did to the picture on the left looks worse than the original on the right, I dunno what they taught you at that school.


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        Re: New here, got some skills but looking to hone

        You made a fairly good start at cleaning up the blemishes on her skin and the loose hair on her forehead. The resolution of the pic is too low to really tell how well you handled the skin texture.

        I can see that you did clean up the folds under her right eye, but you left the tone a bit too dark. On the opposite eye you did a little too good a job. A face looks more natural with a trace of fold under the eye where the flesh meets the bone of the eye socket.

        The shape of the eyebrows are a matter of taste. If this is a personal portrait, the poser might object to having her eyebrows drastically reshaped. However, your retouch has left a line around the top of the left eye just above the eyeshadow which was not there before. As the line extends out and around the side of her eye, it doesn't too very natural. All you need to do is to fade it out a bit.

        As for the eyeshadow on the right eye, a little more saturation in the colour would help make it more visible without over lighting it.

        You could tidy up some of the stray hairs at the top of the picture. Her thigh has gone a bit too dark. Similarly her hair has lost its highlights making it look dull and flat.

        Where you cleaned up the hair on the edge on the left side of her jaw, you left what looks like a dark smudge or shadow (maybe it's fine hairs). This spoils the line of her jaw and contour of her lower face.

        You reduced the overall exposure to control the highlights on her skin, but it has made the vibrant greens and yellows look dull. Instead, you could selectively adjust the over bright parts of her skin using an adjustment layer and mask.

        Finally, the same lighting adjustment has made the highlights in her eyes fade. A touch of white on an layer set to overlay or soft light blend mode would help lift them again.

        You are headed in the right direction in general. Keep at it and you'll get there.


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