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what do you think about my retouching?

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  • what do you think about my retouching?

    im practicing my retouching techniques
    used d&b/healing brush, color variations etc...

    took this photo out of deviantart (have the permission of the girl)

    bigger image:
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    Re: what do you think about my retouching?

    Looks good to me, However they eyes don't seem even. Her right one has a darker/thicker eyelash's and darker ring around the iris.

    I don't mind the yellow cast as it's obviously from yellow sidelighting however perhaps it could be towned doen slightley in the adams apple region.

    But other than those minor grumbles I like the work you have done, Overall VERY nice.

    I always feel guilty offering my opinions on images like this as it is a better edit than I am currantly capable of.


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      Re: what do you think about my retouching?

      Hi r_dg!
      Hmm... there's something about this image that I don't like. Think it could be the lightning. Makes her face look flat or something. Well that's another story. Her skin looks even and good. Not to much skin details/pores to begin with so it looks kind of soft now that you've removed all the blemishes and color shifts. But hey, that's not your fault! Her eyes are way to saturated for my taste. Especially her right (viewers left). Don't know if it's a make up thing but I see a blueish line going over her left eyelid. I would remove/reduce that.

      Could be my monitor but it looks like it's a little to much magenta in her skin. And I don't like the harsch yellow light on the side there. It draws a bit to much attention from her face I think.

      Conclution: Good work from a some what half crappy photo (sorry photografer)


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        Re: what do you think about my retouching?

        I'm not real sure of your experience level or what your overall goal was with this image. So, I'll just say that you have obviously made a lot of alterations to the image... most good. But, there are still several smaller details to continue working on.

        - upper eye lids & surrounding tissue;
        - upper lip;
        - iris's;
        - excessive shin on her right cheek bone;
        - skin texture on same cheek;
        - skin color (that's up to you and your objective).


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          Re: what do you think about my retouching?

          Theres a lot more basic stuff than that wrong with it - its blown, over-saturated thats just a starting point - be more subtle than just pumping bright oversaturated nonsense into it - that yellow highlight in the hair NOT SO STRONG ! skin too high and flat. The image overall looks damaged, like you either put far too many adjustment layers on it, or more likely you have adjusted the base pixels back and forth a few times. Sorry but if you wanted an honest reaction
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            Re: what do you think about my retouching?

            dont worry markzebra i like honest comments than a simple "its ok" LoL


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              Re: what do you think about my retouching?

              very nice!!!!


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