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  • Stronger Overlay Blend Mode

    Dear all,

    how can i make the effect of an overlay blend mode layer stronger, WITHOUT duplicating the corresponding layer? (the layer is already at 100% opacity)

    My problem is this: an overlay blend mode layer with some blacks and whites in it does darken/lighten the target layer, but not enough. the blacks do not affect the target layer enough, i.e. it does not get dark enough. The same holds for white, it does not lighten the target layer enough.

    Duplicating would solve the problem, but it's cumbersome to have two layers of the same content, especially if there are alot of different layers to be composited and most of them are to be warped (which cannot be applied to two layers simultaneously)

    Any suggestions greatly appreciated!

    Thanks guys!

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    Re: Stronger Overlay Blend Mode

    A curves adjustment or adjustment layer is one of the most effective ways of increasing contrast. Will one not work for you on this type of image?
    Regards, MM


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      Re: Stronger Overlay Blend Mode

      mistermonday, thanks for your answer. the goal is not to increase contrast, though.

      the goal is to composite a (complex) layer onto another layer using the overlay blend mode, and the problem is that the blended layer does not affect the underlying layer enough. specific example: a black in the blend layer does not turn the underlying layer dark enough, a white does not turn the underlying layer light enough. the only solution i could come up so far is to double the overayed layer. i'm asking for another solution which does not need doubling and affects the underlying layer more.

      thanks guys!


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        Re: Stronger Overlay Blend Mode

        Would adding an ajustment layer (any kind) in overlay mode linked with the upper layer do the trick?


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          Re: Stronger Overlay Blend Mode

          Why not go ahead and duplicate the original layer and if the new layer is to your liking, delete the first layer.


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            Re: Stronger Overlay Blend Mode

            Have you tried Hard Light. It combines Screen and Multiply.

            BTW, if you want to darken the darker tones and lighten the lighter tones, you are affecting contrast.




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              Re: Stronger Overlay Blend Mode

              thanks guys!

              Michel B: this gets pretty close on a first test, i'll experiment more in this direction, thanks!


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                Re: Stronger Overlay Blend Mode

                Originally posted by galvaros View Post
                thanks guys!

                Michel B: this gets pretty close on a first test, i'll experiment more in this direction, thanks!
                Adding a (non adjusted) adjustment layer in a blend mode has exactly the same result as duplicating the layer with the same blend mode with the advantage of not increasing your working file size. Plus Elements users get a mask...


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