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  • Colouring

    When you want to colour any picture make a new layer, choose the paint brush and colour you want and paint away, don't worry what it looks like when finished go to the layers pallett and change the blending mode to soft light, see the difference be carefull it will not work to well with black or white

    Cornwall UK

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    good tip. Thanks


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      Hey Guys

      New to the forum and would like to know if there is a solution for this. I am a real estate photographer and often have colour cast problems. For example i may shoot a room that had tungsten down lights which then leave a warm tungsten light on the white walls. Some of my clients...
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      I have a shot of a model where the lipstick has been applied unevenly, to such an extent where parts of the lips have no lipstick at all and some parts are saturated. The lips are in good condition apart from this. I am looking for advice on how best to even out the colour?

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      Could some one give me some advice on how to match this yellow swatch on this top. I've tried with selective colour and can't get anywhere near it, I'm having trouble with the mid tones and shadows.


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