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Changing Colors on an Image?

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  • Changing Colors on an Image?

    I'm not new to computers or the internet, but I am a complete novice at using Photoshop 6. I'm a contractor and I'm trying to find a way to show people what their house would look like after changing some colors for example their siding or their shutters. I thought it should be a relatively simple thing to do if I had a decent photo to start with and scanned it into the computer.

    Here's what I have done so far. I scanned the photo, opened it up in photoshop, scanned in some colors to try from paint chips. I learned how to select for example, a shutter, with the lasso. I learned how to sample a color with the eye dropper but when I used the paint bucket tool it filled the selection with a solid color. This is obviously not the way to go because what you see is a normal photo with a big blotch of solid color. What I want to see is the new color in the photo looking natural as if I actually painted it and then took the photo. I know there is a way to do this because in searching for information I have seen many instances of this type of color changing in tutorials, for instance a suit or hat becomes a different color but it still looks like a suit or hat not a big solid blotch of color where the suit or hat was. All of these kinds of changes that I've seen in tutorials are arrived at by mixing or adjusting hues etc. The difference for me is that I'm tryin!
    g to change the color with an eydropper sample of a scanned paint chip color. If you could tell me how to do this or point me to a tutorial on this that is already on the forum, I would really appreciate it. I really have tried to find this information on my on and I think I'm just a couple of steps away from it.



    It sounds to me like you're doing everything ok so far. The only thing
    missing that I can see would be to add the new color to a new layer and then
    change the color blending mode on that layer to COLOR. That should
    hopefully get you what you're looking for.

    Let me know how it works...



    I'm with you so far. I understood and created a new layer. I made my selection, sampled my paint chip color, and changed the color blending mode to color and nothing happened. I don't know how to get the sampled paint chip color into the selected area. Am I supposed to use a tool for that or is it just supposed to happen when I change the color blending mode to color?



    With your selection active, go to Edit > Fill and it should fill just your selection with the color you chose. You'll probably have to mess with the % till you get it to look right.


    Hopefully you can help me one more time. What I'm trying to do is start out with a basic photo and change the color in my selected area but more than once. That is to say the same photo with the same selected area but renderings with different colors. Here's what happened: The first time I went through the process I used a color with these values R-34 G-57 B-24 and it worked! I thought the problem was solved so I continued on making a new layer, selecting and tried to fill my selection with a color with these values R-209 G- 186 B- 107. What I got was a completely different color. I had no idea why so I closed the program and started up again, went through the process again and got the same result. Do you have any idea what I did wrong? Do I not have the concept of layers down or can the program not deal with the values of my second color sample? I hope you can understand what I'm asking you. I tried my best to ask the question clearly.



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    Try turning off the first layer you made by clicking the little eyeball icon on the left and see if that gets you what you're looking for.
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      I was rushing to post this before I left for work this morning, and neglected to say a few things.

      I got all of these messages via PM and thought that maybe some of you out there might have some suggestions to add.

      I also thought that perhaps the info might help others if posted to the public forums.

      Does anyone have anything to add that I might have overlooked?


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        I wonder if a hue/sat adjustment layer might get him what he needs? He could make adjustments to the individual channels if needed.



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