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  • retouching brushes

    hi everyone.
    i only joined today but i hope to make a significant contribution to this website.
    well my question is
    i have been looking for brushes for retouching for quite some time.
    i am interested in

    eye catch light brushes
    lip gloss reflection brushes
    skin texture brushes (for the face)
    false eyelash brushes

    i have been looking for some free ones.
    so anyone who can link me to some brushes to download, i will seriously kiss the ground at your feet. lol

    by the way i have photoshop 7
    and with the catchlight brushes, i have been looking for the softbox ones (square reflections) because i can already recreate the umbrella ones.


    anyone who can.
    i love you
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    Re: retouching brushes has good lash brushes.


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      Re: retouching brushes

      thankyou for the link, but i cant seem to find them.
      could you tell me where to go?


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        Re: retouching brushes

        The actions are located HERE>>>. Just click on the Photoshop actions.

        EYE lash

        eye catch lights

        Lip gloss


        The download links are on the left side.

        Thanks Insensitive for the post, great resource!,

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          Re: retouching brushes

          If you ever do any commercial work, be sure the free eyelash brushes license you to use them for payed work.


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            Re: retouching brushes

            thanks for the tips eveyone.
            the only thing is, i cant seem to find the catch light brushes.
            it comes up with eyes, but no catch lights....

            can someone point me in the right direction?
            also thanks for the links, they are exactly what i am looking for


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              Re: retouching brushes

              Good stuff there. Thanks for the links!


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                Re: retouching brushes

                mileeeeeeenaaaa, A nice easy skill set to add to your arsenal would be:
                "Creating and using brushes"
                How To Make A Photoshop Brush


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                  Re: retouching brushes

                  This link has helped me a bit in recent years:


                  you find an overview of free and commercial sites for the following:

                  • stock photography

                  • Font libraries

                  • Photoshop brushes

                  • Logotypes

                  • Vector clip-art

                  • Sounds

                  • Poser downloads

                  • Icons


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                    Re: retouching brushes

                    thanks everyone!
                    the problem isnt creating the brushes, i can already do that,
                    the problem is actually getting my hands on some high res skin, eyelash etc.. images
                    and finding the time to make the brushes lol
                    thanks again.


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                      Re: retouching brushes

                      here is a link from adobe that provides free hundreds of free brushes, actions, styles, etc...


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                        Re: retouching brushes

                        good sources.


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                          Re: retouching brushes


                          Is a great source


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                            Re: retouching brushes

                            Thank you for these links!! These are some great resources!!


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                              Re: retouching brushes

                              I check this site everyday...always a new link or new information one can use. thanks


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