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issue with a mask.

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  • issue with a mask.

    i've got a small request here.
    for some ppl can sounds reaaally cheesy easy, whatever.

    ok so i've got a picture.
    the thing is i played with the curves in some way to switch the tones.
    but basically i do not want to have the curves affecting the really highlights and the really dark areas. understand me in that way:
    i do not want have a yellow/blue/green snow, for example, and, aswell, i do not want to have some pink/yellow/green into the really dark areas/shadows.

    you know what i mean?

    so i process like this for example:
    i wanna switch the tones, i do a curve layer, i move the curves, then i select the color range, i fuzz all the white so i can have a mask with that.
    ok , cool, works fine and juste how i want to.

    but i need to take out all the blacks aswell.
    so i do another color range with the black+fuzz this time.
    unfortunately it erase my old mask and make a new one with it.

    i wanna keep my older selection from the color range + white, then add it the color range selection from the black, and, then, maybe add a gradient or something

    you know what i mean?
    i wanna do several selections thru the color range and keep all of them in ONE layer mask!

    i hope you can help me on this one



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    Re: issue with a mask.

    You can't do multiple filters or adjustments of that nature on a single layer mask.

    Do your curves adjustment then duplicate that layer. Do your white selection and mask to taste on that duplicate then merge the adjustment down. Duplicate again and do the darks pass, and merge the adjustment down. You lose your ability to readjust this way.

    Next option... Do your curves adjustment. Make 2 duplicates of it. Do your white pass on one and your dark pass on the other. At this point you can do a Stamp Merge of the three layers and proceed from there.


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      Re: issue with a mask.

      My workflow includes a lot of "Save Selection", so you can create very complex masks from multiple selections. Start with a blank mask, or an original selection converted into a mask, then make a new selection using whatever tools suits, save it as a channel using "Save Selection" then go back to the mask, make the new channel active as a selection, then paint using a brush on your original mask.

      Sounds complicated, but it is quick and easy, and this way you can reuse certain selections throughout your edit, or delete them as you go. Each selection added to the mask can be customized too, with more or less feathering etc...


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        Re: issue with a mask.

        You could also blend the separate masks using "lighten".


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          Re: issue with a mask.

          cheers mates, i'm gonna check this out quite of soon.
          right now i'm moving out, ive got exams and an assignment who gonna make me spend 17hours of train in two days... i'm gonna get busy...

          im gonna get back to ya.

          thanks again



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