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  • Critique please!

    Hi, that's my first post on this site.

    I’m wedding photographer and sometimes it is necessary retouching photo like this.
    Tell me please what you think.
    And beforehand I beg your pardon, for my English
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    Re: Critique please!

    I think its very well done
    but the eyes are too red and too white for my personal taste


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      Re: Critique please!

      I like it you did a very good job I like the eyes adds a little something But I am a complete novice I just know what I like Pat


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        Re: Critique please!

        Hi Andrfil Welcome to RetouchPro! I'm Ukrainian too and really happy somebody from my country is here.
        I like what you did with the photo but on my taste I would leave more texture on her skin, would do more define lips contour and work on her right hand's thumb. it's a bit "heavy" for the overall image of the photo
        Overall it's nice work


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          Re: Critique please!

          I agree with everyone, just wanted to to say color, clone, or heal, some of the fly away hairs (top right of picture).

          As for the eyes, I would tone it down a bit. Overall it looks really good though.

          My opinion,


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            Re: Critique please!

            Red eyes are a bit unnatural.
            Skin looks great.
            Flyaway hairs need to be removed.
            Thumb needs 'feminizing'.
            Lips need smoothing (and that little skin bump on the corner of her lips should be removed).

            Overall good work!


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              Re: Critique please!

              Thanks to all for taking the time and helpful advices