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how to widen or open eye

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  • how to widen or open eye

    Hi I have cs3 and can't figure out how to widen or open eye. Any help would be appreciated. Pat

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    Re: how to widen or open eye

    You should be very careful doing that, the eyes quickly start to look unnatural.

    One way of doing it is using the liquify tool. Be sure to make a copy of the eye area, so you're working on a separate layer.
    Shift+ctrl+x will open liquify. Use the function called bloat. You can then experiment with the settings on the right, with different brush sizes and intensity.
    You'll want to use a very short light touch on each eye if you're going for the "natural" look. If not go crazy...


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      Re: how to widen or open eye

      Hi Pat. I agree with Flice. The liquify is a good tool to use but it has limited latitude before the eye looks distorted. Other successful options are often:
      - Copy the good open eye if there is one. Sometimes you need to position it carefully and match the catchlights. If you need the whole eye with eyelids you can sometime flip it horizontally, mask it in and adjust the catchlights.
      - Borrow an eye from another picture of the same person. There are many ways to blend it in so that lighting and color matches.
      Regards, Murray


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        Re: how to widen or open eye

        Thank you both for the help but I haven't been able to successfully get it to look right I too much of a novice unfortunately Pat


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          Re: how to widen or open eye

          If you post the image, we can walk you through it.
          Regards, Murray


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