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  • Workflow Bleach Bypass

    Hi, I have found some workflows on the skipped bleach or bleach bypass. Would be interesting to know if you have different approaches.

    First Method - Instant nostalgia
    1. Clip Hue/Sat AL to BG copy pump up Sat to 60-70
    2. Optional apply render-lightning effects to lighten main subject
    3. to same layer apply Highpass of round 1,2 set immediately to fade and blend Color Dodge, set layer to luminosity
    4. make a composite layer, desat and try blending of either multiply, color burn, linear burn, overlay, soft or hard light. Lower opacity to liking.

    Second Method
    copy BG set copy to screen blend
    copy BG again put on top of all and desat, blending soft light
    put another copy of BG on top run highpass filter >8 pixel, blend overlay. adjust opacity and sharpen

    Third method
    copy BG, create B/W AL with Blue Filter (or use channel mixer with following setting monochrome R=0, G=0, B=100) Blend Soft light, create a levels adjustment layer to increase contrast, create H/S AL set saturation to -50

    Fourth Method:

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    Re: Workflow Bleach Bypass

    duplicate background layer
    desurate this layer
    set the layer to overlay
    reduce opacity to taste

    thats it.


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      Re: Workflow Bleach Bypass

      -borrow a hassel 503CW,
      -get a ride with Doc Brow or martin mcfly on their delorean from back to the future I (not II or III)
      -go back to the 60's in europe
      -get some rolls of 120mm color from shop
      -(optional) booze or drugs
      -hang around the right places
      -take it back to the lab
      -get a ride back with mcfly/d.Brown to present(future) time
      VOILÁ, just scan and play it away on Photoshop... but it is not really needed!

      Yes its a bit complex and labour intensive, but you wont get better results....

      PS: added option for some crazy textures... after taking the rolls from the lab you could bury the rolls on your backyard and dig them up in the present time for some really cool organic fungus fx!!!!

      that is it.


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