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Genuine Fractals?

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  • Genuine Fractals?

    Hey guys, I just got OnOne's Genuine Fractal demo and it just seems to make my enlargements patchy when zoomed in, almost mosiac like. Anyone else have this result?

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    Re: Genuine Fractals?

    Haven't used Genuine Fractals in a long time. Not sure about the answer, but I'm not sure it's really relevant anymore. I get excellent results in Photoshop using bicubic smoother and then a little smart sharpening to taste after that.


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      Re: Genuine Fractals?

      I've used that program a few times, I usually try resizing in photoshop and genuine fractal to see which gives the better result. Sometimes photoshop did a better job, I think it depends on your image. I did get some patchy areas too in some of my images. I think that program works best with a high quality image to start with.


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        Re: Genuine Fractals?

        We would need more details to say.
        Most algorithms have problems working with images with original resolutions below 100 ppi. Of course, it also depends on how large you are making it.

        Tell us:
        - original image size and resolution;
        - final images size and res;
        - amount of each slider.


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