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Really Bad texture

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  • Really Bad texture

    Hi All

    I need help I have an old photograph that my father scanned and sent me to touch up and restore. The photograph is basically in pretty good shape with the exception that there is a very heavy texture. I have tried both the FFT filter and the Really good tutorial that is here in the forumn which was done by I believe Flora. So far I have not had much success due to the amount of texture. I am pretty good with photoshop and have no problems with the rest of what needs to be done. My goal is to print the picture on canvas ( I have a 7880 Epson ) for each of my siblings. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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    Re: Really Bad texture

    It is paper texture, enhanced by the scanner. It can be very hard to remove. The easiest fix would be to have your father photograph the image with a digital camera while ensuring the lighting is very diffused. He could take multiple shots to ensure you get a good one to work with. I doubt having him rescan it would help.
    - turn off built in flash;
    - use spot focus;
    - use a tripod.


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      Re: Really Bad texture

      With that type of texture, sometimes one can light that with two lights at 45 degree's so that the shadows are filled and that tends to minimize the texture effect. The hard part is getting the amount of light from each light to be equal.


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        Re: Really Bad texture

        Thanks Gentlemen. I think I will get my Dad to send me the photo and try taking some pictures as suggested. Thanks


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          Re: Really Bad texture

          Alternately, you can try to create an Edge Mask and apply it to a blurred copy of the background. The result may be sharp enough for you liking.
          Regards, Murray
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            Re: Really Bad texture

            Did you try this filter?

            I haven't used it but example posted looks like it works pretty well...


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              Re: Really Bad texture


              Yes I tried that one also. In fact I have tried several different ones including a few different programs and they all leave a fair amount of texture. I think it is because of the type of texture. I had thought about the edge mask and the background I don't care about I will replace that and I don't mind the texture in the clothes but I would really like to get the faces smoothed out without loosing to much detail. Again thanks to all for the suggestions they really help.


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                Re: Really Bad texture


                I just took a closer look at the picture that you redid and that does look pretty good. Here is what I have been able to do so far.
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