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just my idea..for shooting

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  • namphoto
    Re: just my idea..for shooting

    My taste would go to crop the image more dynamically, add that splash of water because being thrown into the water usually creates some sort of reaction. Get closer to the action, unless you use that vast negative space to emphasize the vast power or something of an aikido throw, like creating ripples you know? nice.

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  • RokcetScientist
    Re: just my idea..for shooting

    Originally posted by robertkacala View Post
    Better, Robert, but still too small to see clearly. A composition like that requires a large sized image.

    Send the original to your own mail address using or Open the mail message, copy the link it contains, and post that link here. Then we can see it at full size.

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  • robertkacala
    Re: just my idea..for shooting

    bigger pic.

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  • Salomon
    Re: just my idea..for shooting

    i would add a David Hockney cold and artificial splash !

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  • 0lBaldy
    Re: just my idea..for shooting

    robertkacala,welcome to RetouchPRO

    Can you post a high resolution larger picture?

    The following information may be of some use..

    Click HERE for Info on how to size and attach images to your posts

    If you want to post the larger resolution that is over 100K then you can host your image elsewhere and attach a link,: (3Meg max, free) or (2Meg max, free) or (1 Meg max free,... 5 Meg PRO)-- then post a link here in this thread to the site that is hosting your larger version
    Also, please attach an under 100K version here, so the thread remains useful in the future, regardless of external links.

    Just a few points from the small image provided:
    I had to strain and zoom in to see what was going on in the image(a larger size may have helped here)
    Everything is centered which makes for a static image
    the reflection and shadow should be rippled to match the water and diffused a bit more
    Nothing really POPS out to grab attention

    here is a sample of what I mean (shadow needs more work but you can get the gist)
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  • robertkacala
    started a topic just my idea..for shooting

    just my idea..for shooting

    any critique?
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