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Merging Layers with different Blend Modes

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  • Merging Layers with different Blend Modes

    Hi all,

    I've been asked to give a retouched image with transparent background in a single layer. Just one layer with no effects, with no adjustments.

    My problem is that in the retouch, I used Normal layers, multiply layers and lighten layers. When I Merge all the layers, the results are different.

    Is there a way to merge the layers with different blend mode in a single layer?
    Is there a way to "pack" a group of layers with different blend mode so nobody can touch or see what's inside?


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    Re: Merging Layers with different Blend Modes

    Maybe I misunderstand the question, but Merge Visible seems to be the answer.



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      Re: Merging Layers with different Blend Modes

      The question is indeed ambiguous. If you need to retain the alpha channel, Merge Visible indeed works as suggested - if you just Flatten the image, you will make a new background layer so you'll lose the alpha channel.


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        Re: Merging Layers with different Blend Modes

        CTRL + ALT+ SHIFT + E will create a new snapshot layer above all the others.


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          Re: Merging Layers with different Blend Modes

          "Merge visible" works but not with all the "blend modes". In my case, the result of two layers (layer 1, normal - layer 2, multiply) is not the same as merging both layers in a single one.

          "CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+E does the same as merge visible. The layer with "multiply" seems to be converted to normal or something.


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            Re: Merging Layers with different Blend Modes

            JVR, Is what you see on your screen what you want to send? If so then as the others have said... either create a new layer then merge visible Shft+Ctrl+Alt+E
            Shft+Ctrl+Alt+N+E for the same thing

            to get the one layer to send
            go to the last item in History right click on it, click> New Document
            Delete everything except the top layer in the new document
            save as a PSD or TIFF to keep the transparency

            The layer you see as Multiply is indeed converted to normal after merging because as you saw it before merging it was actually a combination of the multiply layer and the layer below it.... after combining they were put into one normal layer instead of two
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              Re: Merging Layers with different Blend Modes

              Well this is an annoying thing,

              for instance you have a dude and a shadow, but you've drawn the shadow in Overlay mode and the dude is on normal. Someone asks for the dude and the shadow on 1 layer on an empty background. Annoyingly the dude looks fine, but the Overlayed shadow completely looks bad.

              Is that what you're talking about?

              If so the answer is gonna suck for you. There's no easy way. Merge everything and mask it out again. You probably have the masks partly in your file. It's a limitation of th program.


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                Re: Merging Layers with different Blend Modes

                OlBaldy merging all the visible layers in a new layer doesn't work. The Overlay or Multiply modes loose the aspect they had in its own layers.

                DJSoulglo that's exactly what I've got. A subject in a "normal" and a translucent object in "multiply". When merged, the "multiply" looks bad.

                I supposed this is limitation of Photoshop, just wanted to know if someone found a trick/technique to merge them. This is because I don't want the people who will receive the file, accidentally move, delete, hide, or anything with one of the layers.


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