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  • Color Correction

    I dont like the colors in this photo. Any ideas on how I can perfect them? I think that they have too much yellow.
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    Re: Color Correction

    Color corrected with Curves. Used teeth to set more toward white.
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      Re: Color Correction

      Levels on face at points referenced, sharpened the Iris's, then masked the wall back in to keep it darker OR use a Hue/Saturation Layer with Mask after the Levels Layer to get rid of the yellow
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        Re: Color Correction

        Quick Color Correction (using PhotoShop CS3):

        In Image/Adjustments/Levels... , just move left and right sliders to beginning of curve for each individual channel (R, G, and B) vice adjusting in RGB. For this picture, I only had to move the right slider for each channel/color.
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          Re: Color Correction

          Interesting picture…

          I always start off in levels or curves and just click auto. That will handle most issues, but when that didn’t quite fix everything I will try and reset the grey point (see V1). If all else fails, then I will trash the attempt and start over by setting the white, black, and grey points. If you don’t have a good sample available then you have to do things by eye or numbers with any of the color manipulators.

          When you have a complete shift from only one the main colors, (yellow, blue, green, red) channel mixer to me is the best way to go about things (see v2). Always start off with the contrast then tweak the R, G, and B if necessary.

          See the screen shoot for exact details.

          Hope it helps,
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            Re: Color Correction

            My attempt


            - Auto Tone
            - Auto Color
            - Decrease the saturation to -10
            - Shadow/Highlight: increase shadow to 10 and decrease the highlight to 0.
            - Use Noise filter of Photoshop > Reduce noise: first slider between 8 or 10 as desire, second slider i put it at 20, the rest i reduced to 0.
            - Add sharpness [I use Unsharp Mask].


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              Re: Color Correction

              What software do you have?


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                Re: Color Correction

                Who me PS CS3 and LR2? Thank you all for your help


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                  Re: Color Correction

                  Using a threshold adjustment, I set the lights/darks with the levels eyedroppers, then average blurred a duplicate and set the mid-point dropper on that. This removed any color cast. I then used a curves adjustment layer to selectively lighten her facial features and add contrast, denoised, Shadow/Highlights to bring out her eyes and hair, sharpened her facial features and finally, added a dark vignette to 'draw your eye'.
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