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  • CGI Retouching......

    Hey Guys,

    Tell me how to deal with CGI Retouching ?
    here is some example below

    Actually I need to understand in depth the concepts behind it also Where I can get the Background and other designing element ?

    Thanks in advance.


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    Re: CGI Retouching......

    The fine folks over at might serve your needs much better than here... and the membership is Free!


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      Re: CGI Retouching......

      Thanks Olbaldy.


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        Re: CGI Retouching......

        u go there


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          Re: CGI Retouching......

          Originally posted by nabegh73 View Post
          Why U say "U go there"?
          There is nothing there except a welcome picture with no links to anything else!


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            Re: CGI Retouching......

            Originally posted by 0lBaldy View Post
            Why U say "U go there"?
            There is nothing there except a welcome picture with no links to anything else!

            I agree with olbaldy..
            I went there and run the mouse all around looking for a "hot Spot" for a link to some place, none found.....

            Lloyd --


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              Re: CGI Retouching......

              Yes, there is nothing, I need some very very good tutorials to learn the digital art.



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                Re: CGI Retouching......

                Maybe this would be useful for you.


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                  Re: CGI Retouching......

                  For free images to use as backgrounds I find valuable. If I need to buy a desert or other environment,not to be found where I live I got to

                  You may want to look at the separate parts of the composites rather than find a resource that deals with all aspects. Like, extracting the model, retouching the model, color correcting so the background and model image will match. You also have to use images shot at aproxímately the same angles ( and lenses ).
                  Be aware of the light in each image so they match to. Having a background from a sunny day will not match that good with a model shot with diffused light.

                  Some of these things Im sure can be found on this site.


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                    Re: CGI Retouching......

                    chillin > Thanks, that is vert good link, there is a very good sources to learn. Thanks again.

                    pellepiano > your sugeestion about lighting and tones are very helpful. I seen your MM port and I found that your work is very very good. I would like to listen some good tips about High End Retouching. Thanks to you too.



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