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  • B&W-channels-saving

    sometimes, when you view a color-picture channel by channel, you might like and want to save it as a B/W photo, lets say the green channel. How is this done?

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    Re: B&W-channels-saving


    * select single channel
    * Cmd-A (Ctrl-A) to select the content of the channel
    * Cmd-C (Ctrl-C) to copy the content of the channel
    * (activate all channels again, optional)
    * back to layers palette
    * create new layer
    * Cmd-V (Ctrl-V) to paste the content into the new layer
    * voila


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      Re: B&W-channels-saving

      The fast way is to just right click on that channel and select Duplicate Channel. When the dialog window opens, from the Document pull down menu, just select New.
      Regards, Murray


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        Re: B&W-channels-saving

        One way with Elements (no channels palette), for the green channel:

        - file/duplicate with flatten layers checked

        - Ctrl L (Levels)
        - Ctrl 1 - (select red channel) and set output to 0 - 0 instead of 0 - 255
        - Ctrl 3 - (select blue channel) and set output to 0 - 0 instead of 0 - 255
        - shift Ctrl U (desaturate)
        - shift Ctrl L (auto levels)


        - new green (0 - 255 - 0) solid fill layer multiply mode
        - merge down
        - shift Ctrl U (desaturate)
        - shift Ctrl L (auto levels)

        or... use one of Richard Lynch's tools (my preferred is RGBL components only)
        Last edited by Michel B; 05-08-2009, 12:24 PM. Reason: Richard Lynch's tools


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          Re: B&W-channels-saving

          thanks a lot guys!


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            Re: B&W-channels-saving

            Hey, Thats pretty neat.........



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