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    Thanks to Murray Mistermonday who suggested me to work whit 16 bits depht images, this gives a better quality mostly when I have to transform them in JPG files, but when I'm doing a selection (on the background) than I'm transforming (enlarging) the selection, I do have a strong line where before was the border that I have to erase after. See attachment.
    Any suggestion?
    Thanks in advance, have a Great Sunday.
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    Re: 16 bits

    Hi Paolo, the line is not a result of you working or not working in 16 bit depth but appears to have been at the border of your selection. Be certain that when you make a selection that the Feather option in the option bar was set to 0.
    Are you taking a small size area and pasting it many times to fill into a larger background? If so, then there are ways of making a seamless tile.
    Could you explain in more detail what you are doing. It is not clear if you are resizing a selection and pasting it on a new layer or repositioning it on the same layer, or something else.


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      Re: 16 bits

      I would agree with Murray. Another way to be sure would be to convert your selection to a different color (or a gray-scale image) and examine it at a higher zoom level. For example, after making your selection, hit Q to go into quick mask mode; this will make the selection a color. Zoom into the edge of your selection and take a look. If the edge appears feathered, then that is likely the issue/problem.

      Remember, that the marching ants that represent a selection do not wrap around all pixels of a feathered selection. They only wrap pixels that are more than 50% "gray".