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  • Color or Black and White

    How can I find out if a photo is color or black and white? It looks like a color photo but I'm not sure. I appreciate some info. Thanks.


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    Re: Color or Black and White

    Do you mean that you think it 'was' a black and white and someone has colored it? as it cant be both.


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      Re: Color or Black and White

      Gerald, if we knew which postprocessing software you use, it would be easier to advice. For the first look you could search a function like "desaturate" and work your way from there...If you posted an example, it will be easier still


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        Re: Color or Black and White

        There are a number of ways to do that. Since your previous posts seem to indicate you have Photoshop, one easy means would be to just examine the channels.
        - a true b&w will have identical information in each channel;
        - if a b&w were simply scanned in color, the channels will be nearly identical;
        - if the original was color, the channels should have fairly significant differences.

        You may also want to try pumping up the saturation in the colors and just examine the image afterward. If the color comes out in mostly normal areas, it was likely a color image. If it seems to come out where older images were painted (like cheeks only) then it may have been hand painted.... and so on.