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    This was asked from someone on a forum that I belong to. What can be done about improving the quality of a photo that was taken from a video? Here is her question...

    "Apparently the pics I took with our video camera are not high enough quality to print. When I uploaded them to photobucket and went to order prints, it said the pixels were too low or something like that. That's the only pics I have of her first month other than the ones taken at the hospital! :'( Someone sugggested I take them on a disc to a place at the mall and see if they can enhance the pics so I may try that. Or I wonder if there is software I could buy/download and do it myself?? Anyone know?"

    Thanks for any suggestions.


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    Re: photos from video

    One possible way of increasing the quality of stills from video is image multiplexing. There's some sophisticated (ie: expensive) software out there just for this, but you can also do it manually simply by taking a frame or two from either side of the frame you want and stacking them as layers. Align them visually (turn down opacity to do this) then use blending modes and masking to combine just the best bits and minimize the compression artifacts and noise. Try Darken and Lighten blending modes.
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      Re: photos from video

      Thanks. Why stack them from the sides and not stack the entire frame? Is it to compare the difference between the old and new or that it makes things easier to manage? I hope I'm understanding you correctly. Thanks so much!