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  • Make her look 60

    I showed my niece some of the work I've done in PhotoShop and she asked if I had ever made anyone look older. I haven't. She said she would like to know what she will look like when she's 60 - she had just spent the weekend with her (much) older relatives and wondered if she would look like us

    I said I didn't have the skill to do a credible job, but I knew some folks who would be able to do it.

    Your mission, if you choose to accept it, make Tracy look 60 (or older)

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    Does the Young Lady by chance have a photo of a close female relative in the 60 yr. old range, and if so would that person consent to allowing it to be used for this project? Ideal would be a photo with the person in a similar pose, full face. Tom


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      Here's a picture of my Mom at age 79 - believe me she's the best looking one of the bunch!

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        Wow, there is definietely a family resemblance!!


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          Thanks Margaret!! Now to play with age progression....Tom


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            This turned out more like halloween than I intended. But it was interesting to experiment with. It's easier to go the other way, i think. Wish it were in real life...
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              BK, very interesting!!

              I agree that it is a lot easier to go backwards - I tried this and didn't get anywhere with it.



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                This was very fun!! I set a time limit for myself of 20 min and this is the result... Tom


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                  Hi Margaret and all.

                  At the below link is a tutorial on aging a photo.

                  Computer Arts offers daily design challenges with invaluable insights, and brings you up-to-date on the latest trends, styles and techniques.



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                    I was thinking that somewhere I have morphing software (a freebie from somewhere) and thought that would be the way to go with this if you really wanted to see, but decided to try it the hard way instead.


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                      Nicely done Tom - I can see her looking like that!

                      BK - I looked for some morphing software this afternoon, but couldn't find a Mac version that looked like it was worth trying. I'm sure I used to have one that I got on a magazine CD, but can't find it either.

                      I looked at the tutorial, but it didn't seem to be complete - just a general idea of how to proceed. I got the feeling that I wasn't seeing the whole tutorial, but I couldn't find the rest of it. Will give it another try tomorrow.

                      Thanks for you interest,


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                        Thanks, Sharon! Very helpful.

                        Blacknight for shame! Anyone can do it the eeeeeasy way! What fun would that be?

                        Margaret, this pic looks like it has already been retouched, and it's kind of a small file size to work with. Maybe it would be better if you cropped out just her head (is that really her head...must just be the angle of the shot, because her body looks too wide for it to insults intended ) and posted it again with more pixels to work with?

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                          Margaret -- there are links (hidden) under the sub-heads
                          Stage One: Preparing the first two images
                          Stage Two: The mouth, neck, and cheeks ... etc.
                          and there's a large zip file ( with 3 images to use while following the tutorial.


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                            Thanks CJ, I'll go back and look again.

                            Phyllis, I'll post a better image as soon as I've had my coffee



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                              I'd like to take up the challenge, would you happen to have a simple headshot of her? Some people might remember the "sliming" down of someone I did awhile back. After studying her face and looking at the other picture, I have a hunch on how to go.

                              Plus, I need the itme to let my brain work out a bit.



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