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fashion lighting style.

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  • fashion lighting style.

    i apologize if any youngster happened to see my previous post.

    the other night. i came across a simple yet cool little technique that can enhance your fashionlike photographs that may not feel as glamorous as you'ld like..

    so here's how i did it..

    1. open image in photoshop
    2. duplicate layer
    3. change layer mode of duplicate layer to overlay
    4. on that duplicate layer go to your filters. go to brush strokes. -accented edges.
    5. setting that worked well for me where.
    wid:1 bright: 30 soft:15
    6. then you may want to add a curve adjustment later, to open up some of the color that may have been blocked. or just to enhance it a bit..
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    i should mention that the filter is basically smoothing out the skin..
    im sure there are other filters that would work just the same.


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