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  • What to do next?

    First of all thank you everybody for such a warm community! It is my first post there so let me know if I broke some rule. I'm trying to learn D&B magic on photo by jasz (thank you, jasz!). At this point I don't know is my image smooth enough and where to go next to make it even better. One more question - folds on the neck. I think if I get rid of them it will look not quite good.

    Full-size could be found there:
    Tina before and after
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    Re: What to do next?

    the folds on the neck should go! do they remind you of something? hint: between the legs

    the white on her right eye needs rework--it looks unnatural and flat. eyeball is round.

    her skin is blotchy. her left eyebrow needs some cleaning up. you might want to paint in some hair to over plucked areas to even out a bit.

    the position of her earring is weird?


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      Re: What to do next?

      Yes, toan thai is right, I thought the same thing about her neck!

      I like the mole on her bosom more than the mole above her lip.
      The mole might be a refocus point for the jewelery if place a little up and to the right.


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