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  • Off Colors!!!!

    I did a shoot recently in RAW format. I have about 350 images. I usually shoot Jpeg, but I felt I could get more dynamic range if I shot RAW. Now to my dilema, all my images have this weird deep dark red colorcast on them. I bought myself some time with the client to figure this out. Even when I burn the images onto a DVD, the deep dark red colorcast are way stronger. The colors look natural on my laptop monitor. I was wondering if I'm missing something in the RAW to Jpeg conversion process? For example, I'm using Nikon Capture NX2 for processing my RAW files, and I used the Good Balance option, in the save options box which puts the image quality at about 60%, and I left the Embed ICC Profile, unchecked. Am I doing something wrong? How do I go about getting the true color back without spending a boatload of money that I do not have at the moment? Are there any techniques, or weblinks you would recommend? I have until next Wednesday Aug 26th to have this resolved. Any comments are welcomed Thanks

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    Re: Off Colors!!!!

    Hi I've had a similar problem recently with a photoshoot of clocks I'd been doing..
    I always shoot RAW with no problems but had recently updated my system to 32-Bit windows. Problems I found arised because the Canon software I was using didnt have the correct drivers for a 32-bit system.
    Unfortunately I dont know the Nikon software or what computer system you are running but i would recommend switching to Capture One you can download a trial version of it here:

    Also have a look at G Ballards website as I've found it very useful for sorting out color management issuses

    Before sorting out my color problems the conversion from RAW to Jpeg gave horribly RED tones. Then, Even after perfect color management workflow there is still a problem with viewing jpegs in non-color managed software. I've attached an image which illustrates this. It shows THE SAME image open in various software and as you can see there are discrepancies in the REDs particularly with the program Preview.
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      Re: Off Colors!!!!

      Thanks MBooth31 for your response. I'm using Windows Vista 32 bit version. Thats a detail I failed to mention, prior.


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        Re: Off Colors!!!!

        There may be a quick fix using assign profile action in Photoshop (not convert to profile) It depends on what profile your images are: sRGB, Adobe, or PhotoPRO?

        As I learnt from my experience, the best viewing of a Jpeg image on screen is of an UN-TAGGED sRGB image.
        So here is what I did with my RED images...

        Open in Photoshop
        - Convert colours to Adobe RGB
        - Assign Proflie: sRGB
        - Save as Jpeg (but uncheck the Button for ICC profile)

        It might be that it will give you a better colour reproduction in the Red spectrum


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          Re: Off Colors!!!!

          Thanks MBooth31, I'm a true believer in information, and you have given me information that I can use. I will try this recommendation, and get back with you with the results. Fingers Crossed!!!!


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            Re: Off Colors!!!!

            This may be a profile issue. I'm afraid I'm a Lightroom ACR person with RAW files but A RAW doesn't have a colour space profile till you process and save it. (even if you have set one on the camera) By not checking the embed profile box the conversion software will save in the colour space you chose but since it dosen't embed the profile to identify that space the recipient software has no idea what colour space you saved it in. It will go for its default and if it chooses wrongly and applies an incorrect profile the colours will have a cast and contrast issues.

            Try converting one with the box ticked and see if that solves the problem.


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              Re: Off Colors!!!!

              If all else fails you could always put the card back in the camera and let it process to jpeg


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                Re: Off Colors!!!!

                If all else fails you could always put the card back in the camera and let it process to jpeg
                I have the Nikon D80 DSLR, Is this really possible? If so, how?


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                  Re: Off Colors!!!!

                  If I understand you correctly, you are experiencing the same type of thing that drives me nuts half the time. RAW images vs jpgs and the color rendition. for a long long time I was using lightroom, and found upon bringing RAWs in , adobe throws a default starting point on the files as it renders them and makes them look like total shit. some people swear by the colors in acr and lr, but i hate it. im not familiar w nik software, but adobe has the camera calibration tab which you can use to calm down the wackiness. they also have camera profiles which are so so, but still not right imho. soemtimes i will go back and use canons dpp albeit the interface sucks. but at least it can read the raw along with the proprietary info such as a picture style etc. third party software doesnt have access to the native settings on specific cameras, so they often toss a middle of the road set of numbers on it upon render, most of the time which is so far from what is correct, and ou have to hammer out the adjustments to get t back in line. is the nik software what comes with the nikon camera? forgive me, i shoot canon, so i dont know what they supply with their product. did you shoot a color chart for reference? theres a script that can use that chart to build a camera prfile which helps also done in photoshop.

                  also, there is no way to process the card to jpg. if all you shot was raw, then thats whats on the card, you have to process the raw into a jpg, but if the color isnt corrected on the raw, then its going to carry over into the jpg. your only option is to correct the raws, and batch the settings so they all come into proper range, and then process them into jpgs or tiffs


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                    Re: Off Colors!!!!


                    Burning into a CD means nothing. The pressets for WB in NX are quite bad, I never use that, just the point sample. NX reads the pictures the way they have been taken. Probably, the problem is in your monitor (or monitors, make sure to calibrate those).


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