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  • Clone Tool Help

    I want to remove the furniture bottom left in this image but when I use the clone tool the area is really patchy. How can I overcome this?

    I would also really like to remove the light switch but dont know where to start with that?
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    Re: Clone Tool Help

    Use quick selection to select the are where you want to work with, and than first use the clone stamp tool to get rough approximation of color and tone. After that its just healing brush tool. Use reduce noise filter and median filter, to get even color of the background, and optionally you can add noise to look like it has some texture.
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      Re: Clone Tool Help

      Thats excellent - thank you


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        Re: Clone Tool Help

        Another good way is to copy to a new layer the area of the wall located above the furniture by using the marquee tool and then, nudging it till you cover the furniture, then fix the lightness differences by using the healling brush. With the switch is a bit harder because the hair, but it can be done the same way than the furniture.


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