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tinting in photoshop -HELP!

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  • tinting in photoshop -HELP!

    Hi there, could someone tell me how to get these nice soft hues like on the right hand side (and all over) of this image? Thank you so much! J

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    Re: tinting in photoshop -HELP!


    Welcome aboard Retouch Pro.

    These hues look like they are made with colored overlay layers, each layer controlled with a mask, using a soft brush, and blending modes.

    Heres some steps on how you might do that:

    1. Leave the original image on its own layer.

    2. In the Layers Pallet: Use the half moon icon on the bottom of the Layers Pallet. You use this half moon to create an adjustment layer above the original image. With this method you can control the color, choose other colors later, and you wont cover over any original image details because this adjustment layer is just a mathematical function above the original image...and you can always re-adjust the colors again later and all the other adjustments as well without damaging the original image or its details in any way. This is called non-destructive retouching.

    3.Go to half moon, choose "solid color" on the pallet that you want to add. This will turn the whole picture into the color you chose. On the layer, do a command or control I (invert) to make white mask that is there into a black mask. The color will then go away by turning the layers mask from white to black. Black masks hide the color. Then, to get the color transferred to the picture beneath....choose a very soft, 6% low opacity, white brush ---then paint on the picture where ever you want the color to be. You will see it softly and transparently coming in.

    4. Continue painting...but the real home run is to go to the top of the layers pallet and choose some blending modes...they will control how this layer is blended with your picture beneath. Some blend modes like soft light, overlay, color dodge, vivid light, pin light and especially color...will give you that real transparent look. You will have to paint and blend to suit your taste. You are the artist. Dont forget that the same layer has an opacity slider on it you can control the overall amount of color for the whole layer. Adjust the layers opacity to give it that real transparent look. The brush gives you the positioning and some of the density of the color...but the blend mode... and the layer opacity... give you additional controls. This is all highly artistic.

    5. Do the same with another layer of a different color... and brush softly so the colors overlap and blend some. You can get some very subtle colors with low opacity brushes on those black masks. If you dont like where the color goes...just turn your brush from white to black...and then when you paint on the picture again...then you will be erasing the coloring you just did. Talk about total artistic control.


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      Re: tinting in photoshop -HELP!

      jonnymilano, Welcome to RetouchPRO Hope you enjoy your stay here and make lots of friends. Poke around, ask questions, have fun!

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