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any idea about how to fix this (green lines)

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  • any idea about how to fix this (green lines)


    I'm new in the forum . I'm from spain and I hope learn in this fantastic forum.

    In my last photoshot (food) I had a problem with a piece of meat. There was green lines because it had been 4 days in/out frozen.

    can someone opine about best technique to fix that horrible green color?

    i'm sorry for my poor english.

    the picture

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    Re: any idea about how to fix this (green lines)

    Hi, something that has worked for me is to use the clone stamp
    and go to mode: color
    sample the red of the meat and go over the green area.
    then you can enhance the red of the meat..depending on which
    version of photoshop you are using...I like vibrance...
    of course you can get more technical but it depends on what you are using the image for.This is fast and simple.


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      Re: any idea about how to fix this (green lines)

      I would lasso those problem areas (make sure to feather it) - then use Curves as an adjustment layer and pull down the green channel and raise the luminance (RGB) and equal amount that you pull the green down.


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        Re: any idea about how to fix this (green lines)

        Thanks a lot guys..

        well...this my first attempt- I'm a bad retocucher ,is not my speciality because normally I work with a professional retoucher but with the crisis lot os clients don't want pay for it.
        Actually i'm learning PH but my level is poor.


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          Re: any idea about how to fix this (green lines)

          Looks pretty good to me. You are at least on the right track?


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            Re: any idea about how to fix this (green lines)

            looks good, just play with curves & vibrance and make the colors pop


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              Re: any idea about how to fix this (green lines)

              There are numerous ways to eliminate the "green" areas. I found a little dodging and burning worked very quickly. Used a 50% gray layer set to soft light blend mode. Burn the "green" area first and then dodge only on the Red channel to bring the Red values back up. Here is a sample patch (original and D&B) that just took a few seconds.
              Regards, Murray
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                Re: any idea about how to fix this (green lines)

                All the replies you got are valid. But take a look at your image, there is no need for blue or green. So you can go ahead and desaturate both of these colors entirely and then paint with the meat color in hue mode and/or color and/or saturation to bring back the red where you need it. Also it deserves some cleaning up, using the stamp and healing brush tool. Circled a couple parts quickly where needed imo, more cleaning up to be done though



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                  Re: any idea about how to fix this (green lines)

                  you can also try the color range and mask it then change the color (invert the mask first)
                  you can also likely target that color in camera raw or lightroom to change it from green to red.




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