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    Im currently in London and i wanted to learn some more about retouching.
    I ve found in London Academy of Media, Film & TV this course:
    its a bit expensive so i wonder if you have any opinions about it, or maybe some of you already attended.

    Or maybe you have attended other schools or courses in London area and you can recomend something?


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    Re: London learning

    Kapalika I just finished looking at this website a few days ago and wondered if the course was any good. I'm trying to find a UK/Europe source as well for learning how to refine my retouching skills (I have trouble with blending, in particular), and I was considering instead a one on one instructor.

    I don't know about this course. I took a look at the website for the company doing the lecture a few days ago and I was really unimpressed by their portfolio (because they didn't seem to have many fashion/beauty retouch examples).

    I'd be curious to see what others think about the course. Maybe they can provide some fundamentals outside of the beauty/fashion space that would still benefit me in refining my retouching skills.


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      Re: London learning

      Stay away from this place that's for sure.

      I got suckered in with this line:
      The course has been specifically designed for anyone working in a professional capacity in the fashion, glamour or advertising industries. The course is also ideal for anyone working for model agencies or professional portrait photographers.

      If you really want to take lessons maybe contact Gry Garness who teaches one on one form a location in London.


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