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  • First Ever Retouch

    Hey guys, long time lurker, first time poster here.
    Just wondering what you think of my first retouch, I've tried to keep it as natural as possible.
    I used a combo of D&B and blurring w/ highpass to keep detail for it.
    Any criticism would be much appreciated, thanks.
    Also, the resizing and JPGing really killed the quality of the photos, so the skin on the after photo looks very plastic, but I can assure you it doesn't in the full res. if anyone wants a higher quality one just ask.
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    Re: First Ever Retouch

    Glad you're posting. Yes, there is something odd going on in the "after.jpg". Why not try some more conversions to a small jpg and see what's going on. Otherwise, you may not get good/accurate feedback. (The after shot, as posted, has color issues, as well as the plastic'y overdone appearance.)


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      Re: First Ever Retouch

      The skin kinda looks like its falling on a flat section of a contrast curve but the overall monochromatic, sort of muted effect doesn't look too bad.

      I got some suggestions but don't think they are essential and may not be compatible with what you're going for so if you don't agree forget about it. Plus im not a professional retoucher so not sure bout the industry standards and sh*t...

      The hair: the split across the middle (or whatever they call it in english) is broken in two parts. Maybe you can "reconnect" it. Plus the gap seems more pronounced in the "after". I'd push down the top, camera right, bulging part on top of her head with liquify (i read somewhere that this may cause probs with the hair department but it doesnt seem like there was one on this shoot).

      HINT:always check the horizontally flipped version of the images ur working on. More often then not you're gonna be in for a surprise, usually in the symmetry department. The are also few flyaways here and there.

      Nose: some more balancing with d&b, make it more symmetrical perhaps.

      The upper lip may need more tonal differentiation from the surrounding area but as it is it may be part of the "mute look"


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        Re: First Ever Retouch

        If I was going to make her more attractive:

        Give her a straight "part" down the middle of her hair.
        Fuller hair with more luxurious body.
        More contrast to lips and eyes.
        Longer and fuller lashes.

        When I go between before and after, it seems like someone has shown a flashlight onto her and did nothing to enhance her natural beauty.

        Remember, women always need help in the beauty department.
        That's why there is a large market for cosmetics and fragrances.


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