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Picture from fat to thin

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  • Picture from fat to thin

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    Re: Picture from fat to thin

    You probably need to think about your anxiety of eating everything you see. There are lot of specialist that can treat your problem very accurately that depending your country, the government should take care of. You should think that your problem is materialist in the first place, meaning that fatter your body, smaller your spirit. Fat people tend to grab everything for them, meaning there is egoism/selfishness. Eating more than needed means that. Of course, the fact is not that, it's more like how it manifest, but what's behind eating without limits is the key to know why you do that. It can also be by a bad behavior like you were over feeded from the childhood. That would be another different case.
    Try to talk with a good psychoanalist and a good preacher, both are needed.


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      Re: Picture from fat to thin

      hollywooddiva, Welcome to RetouchPRO Hope you enjoy your stay here!
      I am sorry but I could not help but LOL !

      Originally posted by hollywooddiva View Post
      I am 6'8 and 255lbs. I would like to get down to around 155lbs, with about 10% bodyfat
      At 6'8" and 155 lbs you would be all bones!

      Originally posted by hollywooddiva View Post
      I would love to have a picture of myself leaner to use as my desktop picture at school and home to help motivate me to get to the gym.
      Originally posted by hollywooddiva View Post
      ps. Please send me a copy of any reply's to this post to my e-mail box at [email protected]. Thanks
      You want motivation to get to the gym but you are not motivated enough to come back to RetouchPRO (a couple clicks away on the Internet) to check the status of your request.... BUT....., You want us to cater to you and send any responses to your request to your E-Mail..... Yeppers a true DIVA!!

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        Re: Picture from fat to thin

        Ideal weight for 6'8" female: 180-220.