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Too much or too little?

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  • Too much or too little?

    hey, this is my third thread on this site and once again its a thread for opinions
    here i have this image of a friend of not sure if it was edited before i did anything to it but this is the image before i retouched it
    now here's the image after i retouched it...
    however... after i retouched it i decided to add a little more and turned it into this..
    for some reason... my eye cant tell which one looks better... in the first one it seems like too little and in the second one it seems like too much... what do you guys think? which one is more preferable?
    i aslo have here a retouch done by someone else of the image....this image here was not done by me but by a friend of my friend. here it is
    now personally i think that image looks a little too fake.... however im new to the photoshop thing so my opinion can only change by the comments made..
    Firstly i need to know which image is most preferable of the three... i need to know which image is preferable of the two done by myself... i need to know if there is anyway i could have improved the two that i did...and i need your opinions on the third one which was not done by me... thanx XD

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    Re: Too much or too little?

    The first one you did looks better.


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      Re: Too much or too little?

      ok but does it look better of the three?? or just of the two i did


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