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photoshop blotchy yellow skin

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  • photoshop blotchy yellow skin

    i have an image and around the arm pit areas the skin looks tea stained on the picture, really blotchy yellow skin,and ive tried, patching, hue ,blur, cures vibrance and air brushing but im haveing problems with the skin tone and colour,does eny 1 know eny good tricks for adding perfect colour for perfectly looking skin????

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    Re: photoshop blotchy yellow skin

    Have you tried color range? zoom into the pixel level and select the pixels that are way off very yellow/green or often magenta for the reds. Select them then adjust the feathering then use curves, hue/sat, or whatever your favorite method for shifting color.


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      Re: photoshop blotchy yellow skin

      A Selective Color Adj layer often works well for this type of problem. Why don't you attach an image of that underarm area so members can recommend a solution that works on that image?
      Regards, Murray


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        Re: photoshop blotchy yellow skin

        thank u both for ur advice ill give it a try,and ill upload it soon


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