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  • tinting backgrounds

    Hi all, sorry if this has been asked and answered already.

    I'm trying to tint the background in an image, say from white to blue/purple whatever. I've tried using a fill layer with a mask but it's tricky to mask certain areas (hair/etc) properly. I thought that certain blend modes might help as well, but I've still not found a great easy technique for this.

    Any suggestions or pointers are appreciated.


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    Re: tinting backgrounds

    There are a great many tools in PS, some of which you have mentioned. However, which to use depends on the image content and the relationship between the foreground and background colors. Why don't you attach a sample image or some portion of one? That way you will recv some advice specific to that image.
    Regards, Murray


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      Re: tinting backgrounds

      You can tint a white background fairly easily by using a Selective Color Layer and set the radio button to Absolute. Say you want to go from a white bacground to a shade of blue,go to WHITES and increase cyan, increase magenta, and decrease yellow. Play with the sliders for the color effect. Hair strands won't really get affected because you're only playing with the whites of an image. Some highlights may get tinted but that will be easy to mask. (I'm assuming of course that you're asking about a portrait photographed against a white background.)


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