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  • Sepia to colorful photo


    How to change sepia photo (the old one) to the colorful photo in Adobe Photoshop?

    I have looked for good tutorial but all of tuts I have found are about changing color photo to sepia...

    Take care and have a nice time

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    Re: Sepia to colorful photo

    You could check this thread from learninlady.


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      Re: Sepia to colorful photo

      wow it's too difficult for me. I tried to use 'color balance' option to every item on the photo, but the yellow light from sepia damage it all...

      Here is the photo:

      Can you help with this, please.
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        Re: Sepia to colorful photo

        Try desaturating the photo at the beginning of your workflow and colorize afterwards.
        Works like a charm for me :-)


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          Re: Sepia to colorful photo

          Yes, take it to black and white first by desaturating the color to zero.
          I would suggest adding back some noise into the photo.
          Good Luck!
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            Re: Sepia to colorful photo

            Wow aartist how did you do that ?


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