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    Hi Folks!
    sometimes after a photo retouching of a raw pic I'm not able to save it as Jpeg, I mean Photoshop doesn't give me this option -just a reduced number of options- and I didn't understand so far why and when this happens...Any suggestion to give me? Thanks.

    ps it seems that this happens when I'm duplicating a channel in to a new layer...(?)
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    Re: save as JPG

    first off, make sure you're in rgb mode. if you're in 16-bit try changing to 8-bit mode, do a save as, save as copy, and uncheck save layers.


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      Re: save as JPG

      of course! the problem was that: 16-bit! Thanks!


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        Re: save as JPG

        You don't like "save for web"? Just don't forget to convert to sRGB for the web if you use "save as."


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          Re: save as JPG

          in facts! I was asking to myself: which is the difference between saving the pic 'by myself' reducing to 72 or 96 dpi, than saving in JPG or 'saving for the web' option...Ok: the first one is that saving for the web converts in sRGB, because Adobe RGB doesn't have the right quality?...and besides of that?
          So far I saved them by myself because I didn't find the right option in 'Save for the web' to define the exact number or pixels of the result (like 400x620 pixels at 96 dpi) which looks easier trough the manual option.
          Any more suggestions? Thanks!


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            Re: save as JPG

            We convert to sRGB so that people who don't have AdobeRGB enabled web browsers will be able to see your picture the way you intended.

            Why 96 dpi? It doesn't make any difference for the web. Here's a 72 dpi image: 1 or 1000 dpi will look exactly the same.
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              Re: save as JPG

              I thought was related to the monitor and the newest where more performers (gasp!)...In facts, is related to what? Thanks.


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                Re: save as JPG

                The rules behind JPEG resolution came from the old days of monitors (ppi) and printers (dpi). For images to look good on a monitor, you did not want the monitor to have to resize the image much. So, when we examined the common resolutions of the day, most monitors were either 15" or 17", and they mostly ran at either 800x600 or 1024x768. The dimensions on the diagonal were 15 or 17, but the vertical dimension was always less, either 10.6 or 12.0 respectively. So, we determined that a resolution of 72 ppi was generally fine for lower res (800x600) or 96 ppi was good for higher res (1024x768). However, those old standards are not as applicable today; they work fine, but there is substantial rescaling done by the monitor/graphics card. Many people are moving to higher resolutions for images on the web for two reasons: a) to better match newer monitor resolutions; b) web download speeds are so much better than they were. Very acceptable resolutions today are either 96 ppi or 120 ppi. Neither increase size much, and match newer monitor resolutions better.

                The math was pretty basic. A 15" monitor measured 15" on the diagonal. Hence had a 10.6 inch vertical. For 800 pixels on the vertical, that comes to 75.5 pixels per inch. A JPG with 72 ppi was therefore not rescaled much at all. Here is a small table that represented many of the common resolutions (it has not been updated in quite a while). The blue was where 72 ppi worked well, the orange was better for 96 ppi, the yellow for 120 ppi.
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                  Re: save as JPG

                  You need to turn the RAW in PS to 8 bits: image - mode - 8 bits. That's all


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