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  • Standard retouch

    After the somewhat overwhelming (! ) response to my last thread I'm back for more. Please could you have a look at this any tell me what you think.....

    It's mostly DnB, no cloning, blurring etc. This is the kind of level I get to before getting creative and wondered if it's too much/too little. I'm not going for perfection, don't want her to look like a manequin just wanted to roll off the harshness. There's a few areas that still need looking at but overall I think it's getting there. On second thoughts, I don't think I'm going to be able to let that neck crease go.

    Comments welcome!


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    Re: Standard retouch

    It's tough posting here. My last post got 300 views and 2 replies, only one of which was helpful and on topic. Is this going to be another one of those threads?

    Lets see


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      Re: Standard retouch

      Schlinky, I normally don't critique, because I am far from being a retoucher in any way :-) I think - as far as I can tell from the low res image - your skin work is nice, you have dealt very good with the harsh highlights, but - and this is my 2c - the makeover is a little too much, the skin looks so much younger than the rest of the image, you can tell by the eyes, the neck, the hair, the nose etc. that this is not a 20 year old. Further your extraction, especially on our right of her hair top looks a little fake. But you said that this is wip, maybe a few tweaks here and there would help :-)


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        Re: Standard retouch

        Thanks Amica, I see what you're saying, I think I went a bit over board with the camera left cheek, I'm thinking the balance on the other side is better?

        I'm trying lots of different extraction techniques at the moment, this one is an adjusted alpha channel mask, I could probably go back in and tweak it or draw in by hand.

        Although I reduced it to 70% it's close to full size, it's a full length shot (cropped to head and shoulders for this post), so I wanted to keep the other features (eyes, nose, lips) fairly unaltered. She's playing in a young persons game (nightclub djing) and although this is a practice shot, I'm bearing those criteria in mind when retouching. But I agree on the 'little too much' thing, I can bring some of that detail back quite easily.

        At the end of the day I'm trying to improve my technique, things I focused on in this one were retaining the texture of the skin and retaining overall shape and depth and for where I'm at with retouching, I'm relatively pleased with it.

        The main things I'm concerned about is that it's still too blotchy, so I'm going to have to experiment with colour dodging and burning and the overall colour and vibrance.

        Thanks for the input, much appreciated.
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          Re: Standard retouch

          It depends on what you are going for. Are you working to make her young? or just to tame the age a little bit?

          Great work on the D&B.

          If you are trying to make her appear in her mid 20's you are WELL on the way but you need to work on the nose and eyes a bit to reshape them.

          if you were just looking to smooth the skin and keep the age, you went way overboard. theeyes and nose no longer match the face. Put less work into the corners of her mouth to keep some age on there, and go easy on the crows feet.


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            Re: Standard retouch

            Hi JTR,

            Funnily enough I'd just said what you were asking, I'm trying to roll off a few years but not photoshop it too death. I think the answer is to add back in a bit more 'age' then I'll be slap bang in the middle of where you were describing and just about right hopefully

            I think I might have to trawl for some stock images to retouch where I can get closer to 'perfect' without completely altering the image.

            Just out of interest how old do y'all think she is? (and don't worry i won't tell her! )


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              Re: Standard retouch

              one thing i have noticed when touching up older subjects is to NOT remove the wrinkles but tone them down maybe 50% so they are not quite as dark, it gives a more youthful appearance without subtracting half thier years off and losing the defining characteristics of age.

              Your D&B in my opinion is very good! You manage to shave a decade or two off of her and still have good skin texture, while the age of the eyes/nose dont match the rest of the face you could easily show that to somebody and they would never know you photoshopped it at all.

              why not go both directions with this? you are already halfway to making her 20 again, work on the folds of the eyeids, use liquify and just lightly tame down the nose a little bit and take just a smidgen off the earlobes. that will go a long way finishing the rejuvenation. I would really like to see how well you could pull it off!

              And tell her she doesent look a day over 35!!!!!!


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                Re: Standard retouch

                Thanks for the kind words, will get on to it when I get chance.

                Just out of interest I wanted to see what I could do on a 'proper' photograph.....



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