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What makes a good website?

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  • What makes a good website?

    I don't know if this topic belongs in here or not but here goes anyway. I'm in the process of designing a website to feature my retouching/photoshop work. In the future I may add sections for photography and design work as well but for now it's just going to be the retouching that I've done. What would you guys want to see in a website?

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    Re: What makes a good website?

    No music. Simple, clean, and fast. I say stay away from gimmicky crap unless your work sucks and you need help from stuff like that ;-) I think its best to just get to the point and make it easy for people to see what you do and get in touch with you


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      Re: What makes a good website?

      What garibaldy said, specially the "get in touch with you part" if you can put your contact link information on all your pages. Also go by the motto "3 click access" this means that you can access anything on your site with just 3 clicks or less. Also STAY AWAY from the designs that physically de-maximize a window and then re-size it again but not maximized. I can't stand those kinds of pages, if it happens I just close it and move on...
      O yeah and I would lose an intro page, some people have intro pages that let's the person entering the site to go to their main page, their blog, or another option. I find that if you do that people won't see your work. Imagine if someone's looking for your blog (if you have one) and then they get to your URL and through the intro page skip your main page and go directly to your blog, they have skipped an opportunity to skim through your main work and in essence you've lost a potential client.


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        Re: What makes a good website?

        Have a master menu at the top of each page so any page is accessible from any other.

        I prefer to open my images in a second window, which lets the full gallery page remain active throughout.

        Don't make them guess. They probably don't care enough to decipher a puzzle. Let them know immediately how to get to what they want to see, and allow them to get there effortlessly.


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          Re: What makes a good website?

          Ok, here's a more specific question. How large should the preview images be? For me, it's kind of annoying to think of scaling an image down to 600px so it will fit on the web page only to loose all that skin detail that I spent so much time trying to preserve in my retouching. Should I go larger or keep them small and add a link to download a full hirez version of the image in a new window. Or I could add a couple more thumbnails next to the image that swap out the main image to detail portions of the image.

          Also, do you prefer having a mouse over to see the before and after or would you rather have a button to toggle back and forth between the two?

          Thanks again for the input.


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            Re: What makes a good website?

            I would suggest functionality to show oryginal/retouched one, and ability to zoom in to see fine details.


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              Re: What makes a good website?

              Photographs are an emotional buy - so I feel you should touch
              all of them as best as a website can - so I like the music if appropriate
              to the theme. Turn it down if you don't want to listen to it. I also want to
              see large quality images and quickly get a feel for what the photographer does.
              I purchased a website template from
              It draws an average of only 2 people a day. It seems to load too slow and has not brought me business like I hoped it would - although I get lots of compliments on it.
              I kindof gave up on the blog. They seem so complicated and frusterating.


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                Re: What makes a good website?

                Ok, so obviously the site is not up and functioning yet, but here is a preview of what I am thinking for the layout. I'm not sure I like it though.


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                  Re: What makes a good website?

         has been up and running for two years


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                    Re: What makes a good website?

                    Navigation is key. Have a link to the home page on every page or customer will get frustrated trying to get back and just close the window. Also, can the music. What you think is hip, is annoying to others and vice versa.


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                      Re: What makes a good website?

                      Are you selling albums or your photography work? If I wanted to listen to music I would go to itunes or pandora, not a photographers website. No offense, but music on a website sucks. Its always cheesy, its always some dumb song, and it is one of the most cliche things you can have. My take is that if you want someone to look at your work, dont shove your choice of generic pop crap down there throat, if that be the case, why not just have some non pertinent gimmicks also, like some annoying preloader, or boing or swoosh noises as they move the cursor around the site as well, and why not just fill your galleries with generic mundane stock shots of sunsets too. Its not about the ability to turn it down or off either, who cares if I have that option, the point is that that is not what I was expecting when I went to your site. Its like this, I go to some other website, and I get a popup ad, one of the most annoying things invented, sure I can click it closed, but its still was there, I didnt want it, and now im annoyed, I dont care if its a popup telling me i won a new private jet.

                      Show your work big as you can if it holds up and youre good. why waste the real estate?
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                        Re: What makes a good website?

                        LOL Garibaldi don't bite the head off anyone dude!!! He's right (meaning Garibaldi) though about the music...

                        Regarding the imge size, google for the most used resolutions, pick one and then make a design that can be adaptive from the resolution you picked and down.
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                          Re: What makes a good website?

                          hahaha no biting, sorry if it sounds harsh. but i just never understand why thats always the topic that comes up with people and sites. Like thats the cherry on top. Its like opting for the gold package when your buying a car, it serves no purpose, looks like crap and will make people think "jeez, why did they put all that gold all over the place?" youd be better off opting for some floor mats and a navigation system instead ;-)

                          You have to admit though, as blatant as I may have put it, what happens when you have gone to a site and suddenly music fires up? Have you ever been like, oh goodie!!! and turned up your sound, dimmed the lights, lit a candle, poured a glass of wine , put on a comfy robe and slippers and curled up for the experience? or have you either smacked the mute, and then immediately after that started hunting for the little icon to shut it off.... if you were still there at all? Point is that theres a prime example of a first time visitor to your site not spending the first 10 seconds being wowed or drawn into what you do, but instead more likely looking for a way to silence whatever choice of mucic you felt really enhanced the "feel" of your images.

                          Its all good, sorry if I came across brash, its just my opinion;-) But if you are going to do music, might I suggest Micahel Bolton, or Annie difranco, or Enya, anything that really makes you want to drape a noose over a limb and give it a tug to make sure its tight? lol


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                            Re: What makes a good website?

                            anyway sorry if got off topic, de5, as for your mockup. i think the images shoudl be larger, the green may be not fitting, neutrals are usually better. havent seen any of your work either so have no clue what your stuff is like. and i think the scribble scrabble is subliminally sloppy and would kind of say the opposite of what you do if you are a clean tight retoucher


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                              Re: What makes a good website?

                              garibaldi - sometimes music is ok, but it have to have a good mood, and has volume down, so it doesnt shout from speakers when You open the page.


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