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  • Advice on learning retouching

    Hi there

    My name is Gonçalo Claro, im from Portugal, and i work as a photographer...i've started shooting three years ago, and professionaly the last year only...

    I've been reading through this forum for a while in a search to improve my retouching techniques, but now i've reached to a point where i believe learning retouching is vital for my work, because i can't afford to pay someone to do that to me...

    I tought that if i had the best cameras, the best lights, would be enough to get that detail, but since i started looking at pictures carefully, i think the main difference, is Photoshop...

    So i was wondering if you could point me out the best tutorials in the market, or the best advices you have...

    Another question i have is, if you now any good photoshop workshops anywhere, that good give me a boost to my work...

    I dont know if i can put a link to my work in this thread, for you guys to give me a help...

    Thanks for your time

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    Re: Advice on learning retouching

    This is part of my work



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      Re: Advice on learning retouching

      A little difficult to advise you where to find photoshop info as I do not know your experience.. There are several tutorials at this site or you can google for info, and there are several on U-tube.

      Took a look at your flikr site, you do pretty good work..



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        Re: Advice on learning retouching

        I like your look and photos! We all tend to be our own worst critic and we all strive to get better. The webinar's offered on this site are excellent. Continue to read the posts you get valuable information..little bits that eventually add up into one larger concept. Lydia training and Kelby training both very good for less than $200/year. Lastly ..just ask a question..someone will give you an answer.


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          Re: Advice on learning retouching

          I would say that it would be best to give an example of something specific you're interested in. Since as you know like photography, digital retouch is a very broad subject.

          I suggest you go to the tutorials section and look for tutorials that might interest you. I specially recommend the degrunge technique and the D&B technique

          The D&B technique is the basis for beauty photography retouch, and the Degrunge technique can help you when you need a faster effect but with a more porcelain look for the skin. There are times you can mix the two techniques so both are helpful and both have their place.

          Also if you're starting with photoshop, is a very good place to start, the videos are quite helpful with basic stuff.


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