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  • motion blur photo HELP

    hey guys, its been a long time since i last posted here...
    I have been focusing mainly in photography lately, lot to learn i guess.

    but that doesnt mean I left PS out... I still love it.

    Anywhoooo... I got this shoot done today and some of the photos are a bit motion blurred due to the slow flash sync of my camera...

    one can see the photo is in focus, but some edges are blurred off... now I like this effect but I wish to give the magazine the option of some "fake pos-sharpened" image, if that is even possible...

    Since I know some of you guys are wizards I thought there was no harm in asking....

    PS: on a second note....
    Sharpening images in Camera Raw vs Sharpening in photoshop.
    Where most of you stand in this issue?


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    Re: motion blur photo HELP

    First Question
    I think it depends , sharpening ist kontrastenhacement of edges, if you sharpen an blurred edge it becomes more prominent...a Method can be...Smart sharpen basiv..Remove : motoion Blurr dont use more acurate...may be ...
    Second question

    In Bruce Frasers Book about sharpening he mentioned a 3 Stage sharpening Process..Capture sharpen, effect sharpen and output sharpen...
    for Portrait and people i don´t use capure sharpen in the converter...
    I sharpen in Photsgop bec. there are tons of options..


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      Re: motion blur photo HELP

      there really isn't any trick about sharpening, what Gene says is completely true that most sharpening methods are to make the edges of some pixels more "contrasty" in order for them to look sharper.
      You should try playing with the Smart sharpen filter first. Be advised that whatever sharpening technique you use you won't get the same thing as a correctly focused images.
      O and regarding your "slow sync problem" next time try to see if it was actually your shutter speed that was at fault, or if you where trying to stop certain kind of motion and the problem was your flash duration.


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        Re: motion blur photo HELP

        Edges of what? Could be a lens problem. Cheap ones creates a vignetting of blur (meaning in the edges of the overall photo).

        About the sharpening, the one in camera raw really sucks. Use the HP Technique for sharpening, it's the best.


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          Re: motion blur photo HELP

          Hi Cuervo79, I believe the problem was a bit of both: the slow sync of camera, i.e. 1/125 and the non ultra fast flash duration... I was a bit afraid to get the curtain of the 5Dmk2 on the frame if shutter was too fast, and for some stupid reason ended up putting in 1/125!!! anyways, next I will be aware of this factor!

          Quantum3, I mean the edges of the model... the lens is a Canon L series!

          thanks for the sharpening tips, I will give it a try or embrace the "(d)effect" as style!!!


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            Re: motion blur photo HELP

            I see... L Series... Ñam! Haha... Never saw one of them, not common in my country, but the Nikon ones are most common.

            Could you post the picture here? It will be easier to understand what happened.


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              Re: motion blur photo HELP

              If ur working with an L series, you immeadiately rule out lens problems. Quantum3, L is the pro line of canon lenses. They have a red line to identify them and cost a lot more than the same lens in it's non L version. They can also be used as weapons, and some say they are aphrodisiac.

              Regarding sharpening in CR/LR. You would be surprised of the level of control it gives you when you know the tricks. See, camera raw sharpening is nothing more than an unsharp mask but with 4 controls instead (2 extra suppression controls).

              Strenght: Name says it all.
              Radius: The size of the halo where the contrast will be increased in the edge.
              Detail: When at 100%, it all works identically as unsharpen mask.
              Mask: Edge detection. It creates a b&w mask for where the sharpening will or will not take place.

              The important part is to press the ALT key when working with any of these sliders and having the zoom set to 100%. That way you can see what you are doing.

              Still, by the way we tend to work with layers, i still prefer to create my own high pass layers later in photoshop. CR sharpening is great for that "not that important shot" that you want to look right without going into photoshop.


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                Re: motion blur photo HELP

                Yeah, I have seen those L but just in the internet =D Few months ago I went to those photography fairs hoping to see big stuff and the most important thing there was an 1DMKII. I was with my D700, taking some pics, and my camera was the most newer... Tsk... Tsk... They were selling huge printers and asked for a calibrator, such as eye-one and their faces were like o_O! I'm physically in Argentina, but mentally around your land =D


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