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  • Fix the background

    I need to remove this background and replace it with another but i'm not sure how to do it any suggestions. I know that I have to select her but then what? This is kind of the look I'm going for
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    Re: Fix the background

    After you selected her, create a layer mask to hide the background and put a new background below her. Watch out for these nasty things like perspective, lighting etc. or they'll come and bite you later ;-)

    Or are you more interested in how to select her? For this case I'd use the "Image"-"Calculations", put Blue as the first channel, Red as the second one and choose "Add" from the pulldown menu (Offset -30, Scale 1). The rest is further contrast enhancement with the dodge & burn tools ([O]).


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      Re: Fix the background

      hey der w I edited the post check it out and let me know what you think. My question is more how do I create that background. Here is my first attempt to retouch it. I know I have to fix the hair but the background doesnt look real.
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        Re: Fix the background

        The main problem I can see is that your edit is missing a shadow. Just look at the original image and how the shadow falls there.
        Next there's a very bright spot just behind her although the doesn't seem to far away from her. The only reason I can think of is that her back is glowing and I don't quite think that's really the case ;-).
        And the tiles on the bottom look a little off, try to get the same perspective for it as for her.


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          Re: Fix the background

          What tiles and what are your recommendations any tutorials out there I can follow


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            Re: Fix the background

            Uhm, not exactly tiles, it's more like lines on the bottom. All of them have the same distance which makes them look unrealistic because going farer away the distance should get smaller.
            Google for tutorials about perspective, that's all I can tell you. Or try to look at the things in real life. If you don't know how your image would look like if you had shot it that way, try to reproduce it.

            Btw.: There's some weird color at her feed.


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              Re: Fix the background

              I think it will just take a pen selection for the mask..then select black and a lighter gray and add a gradient. You may want to lighten her...especially her face and perhaps crop.

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                Re: Fix the background

                Nah, she didn't need lightening. And that crop killed the photo (never ever ever amputate people by the joint... especially if you can see skin).

                Now, ill have a go. I can see you did work out a nice lighting on this one. I assume you shot tungsten and had a bare flash for separation, right? Nice blueish separation ( i like to use two of those). Now, for your background you can also create gradients simulating feathered lights. Also, to get rid if the unrealistic look of perfect photoshop gradients, there are some things you can do. Basically you can use 2 filters: Clouds and beveled-and-embossed noise. The best thing to use those 2, is to first create the texture to be overlayed on the bg layer, and then, apply it with the help of vanishing point.

                Other thing you can do, and what more and more people are doing now, is using some 3d layers. Doesn't have to be a fantasy world that you create behind her. The advantage is that you can use bump mapping that will react to lights accordingly. It's very very subtle, but it'll make it not look like just a distorted texture.
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                  Re: Fix the background

                  Hi Flexman

                  Thanks for the honest commits. I did think about the cut off and would not have done it but the example picture was small...I was only displaying the background not a final picture...but I did think the face needed lighting...of course it is just taste.

                  I thought your description of what you would do for the background was interesting and I hope you post your example as promised.

                  Thanks again Butch


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                    Re: Fix the background

                    No worries Daviskw. It's just, as retouchers you have to think like a photographer too. See, before i started starting photography, i had only touched photoshop at home and for many years without any professional input at all... and i didn't even know how to use a light meter. Now, at the studio, you do learn to think as a photographer and learn that, high key is meant to stay high key, and low key is just the same. Sometimes photogs give you photos with clearly clipped shadows and you, as a retoucher say "hey, those blacks are still full of info in the raw file... ill do this photog a favor and light the whole thinh up", You open up the shadows and it's almost like you're insulting the photographer as he says: HEY, ARE YOU TELLING ME I DON'T KNOW HOW TO LIGHT!?

                    Although, between you and me... i don think this one is indeed underexposed. Colored separation light, fill, smiling model. Looks to me like this is not the kind of lighting you use in low key. So, opening F a couple stops wouldn't have hurt and that too is only my opinion.


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                      Re: Fix the background

                      Alright everybody what do you think about my second attempt
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                        Re: Fix the background

                        Just focus on the background. The way I saved it changed some of my data, which is why its so dark.


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