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Accepting donations for photos that needs retouchi

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  • Accepting donations for photos that needs retouchi

    I am kindly asking for donation of photos that needs retouching. The reason is because I'm planning to start a retouching business and I need something to put in my portfolio.

    If you would like to donate the photos and give me permissions to post on my website, please email me at

    [email protected]

    As an appreciation I would retouch your photo for free
    Thank you very much.

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    Re: Accepting donations for photos that needs reto

    How about digging your camera out and shooting those photos yourself...?

    As an appreciation I would retouch your photo for free
    How do we know you can without you posting before & after examples of your 'art'?

    Yup, it's the chicken and the egg. And you can break that vicious circle yourself, with your own photos.
    You'll probably have to leave the house to shoot 'm, though...


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      Re: Accepting donations for photos that needs reto

      The chicken and the egg, so true. But don't do what W.Smith says unless you can't tell the difference between a decent photograph taken by a photographer, and a facebook photo. Photographers are photographers, and retouchers are retouchers.

      This is what you do: Go to model mayhem. There are a couple posts where you will find RAW files that photographers have kindly shared with the community. Don't use those photos for a web portfolio though, use them only as a sample that you can show other photographers in order to do sample work for them.

      That's what did, retouched those images that everyone has, and now I'm doing sample work for photographers with real clients, deadlines and high expectations.


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        Re: Accepting donations for photos that needs reto

        Listen to flexmanta, I've just recently joined and have been reading some of his posts ... he knows what he's talking about. If you want images (like I did) you gotta make a few contacts and find those images. And even IF a photographer has a post that says you can use the pictures for retouching and posting etc., just send them a note/email to confirm that it's ok that you infact do use them. It also will help you establish a relationship with that photographer. There's a bunch of "free" work out there, look around and make sure you find someone who sets up good shots. flex, your the man (excellent work too!).


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          Re: Accepting donations for photos that needs reto

          Thanks phase7studio! Appreciate it.


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