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    Hello Folks
    When I select a photo in Bridge I wish to know the 'height and width' in pixels, the 'total weight', the level on which I saved the JPG file (6,7,12?) rather than other details of the shooting. How do I should proceed? Thank you.

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    Re: Bridge Cs4

    just go to: Presets (Ctrl+K) > Metadata and select / deselect all the information you want oder don't want to see. This is based on the German Version, but I suppose the wording should be similar in your version. Actually I'm not sure if it possible to display the quality level of your JPG files, but if it is possible, you will find it in the same place mentioned above.


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      Re: Bridge Cs4

      By the way I'm not able to display lenght and hight.....


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        Re: Bridge Cs4

        Are these activated in the presets? If so, you should be able to see them in the metadata panel.


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          Re: Bridge Cs4

          You're right, man! Many Thanks.


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