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  • Critique

    I know the subject is cliché. That aside, what do you think?
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    Re: Critique

    Good stuff. Good light shaping, D&B, and good color too.

    Um... only for the sake of saying something. I don't like seeing pure black on the left. You did a great job with the background so im sure adding something there just to balance the composition won't be a problem for you.


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      Re: Critique

      Thanks for the comment! You are correct, the left side is almost pure black, I thought the image needed to have that off-balance feel to it. On a larger version, you could see a tiny bit more of the background, but on smaller's a lost cause. Thanks again!


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        Re: Critique

        Nicely done! I also agree with the above comments. Keeping it dark, but with a bit of (wall, brick) detail on the subjects right side bg would be an improvement. Hair seems a bit neat for what he's been through and facial perspiration would seem logical. Like what you did with the facial detail, punch impression, arm shadow, works for me.


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          Re: Critique

          Thanks for the response LQQKER. DOH! I should have messed up the hair and added some perspiration! Thank you for the advice, I will add those in for the next edit. Cheers mate!


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            Re: Critique

            very nice retouch, congratulations


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              Re: Critique

              fantastic light and shadow work! could you say a few things about your workflow or what you did


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                Re: Critique

                Appreciate the kind remark LostHighway, thanks!

                rsvrdogg86, hopefully I'll get to a point where I have a set work-flow. Hehe I first morphed the face using the Liquidfy tool. Then created a few adjustment layers to the specific shine/shadow I wanted; inverted the mask and just started painting the blemishes and dirtiness in. Added in blood splats and used different brushes and smudged different areas, especially in the shirt. Kept adding more layers to add shadows and highlights to blend the added fist into the shot...more layers for color adjustments. Then finally final color and tilt adjustments. That's pretty much it.


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