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  • Cgi

    Hi guys,

    I was recently read in a magazine that some companies are now utilisng CGI as a way to minimise production / shooting costs.

    As I understand it CGI is now more commonly being used for car shots, as its far cheaper to just CGI the car and composite into a background rather then take what could be a very rare vehicle and transport it accross the planet for what is normally a desert shoot!

    this got me thinking, how realistic can CGIs of people be, as I know from many of the threads people are trying to get that 'illustrated look' and so could CGI be a totally different approach?

    Just a thought...:-)

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    Re: Cgi

    This is all CG:


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      Re: Cgi

      Ever heard of the company called image-metrics? Let Emily's 100% CGI face tell you about them.


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        Re: Cgi

        If you havent already seen this one, then you'll shit. The technology is pretty impressive, but its still will never be the real thing. none the less. check this out for some cgi that is amazing


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          Re: Cgi

          Very impressive video again, thanks garibaldi! Looking at the image of Morgan Freemen, there is absolutely no way that I could tell that the cgi was not an actual photo of MF.

          I wonder how long it will be before producing cgis is cheaper than the actual photography process?


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            Re: Cgi

            in some cases it already is


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