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Skin texture (alien skin)

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  • Skin texture (alien skin)

    I've used Image doctor to smooth or improve the skin but, is there any other filter taht works better that that?

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    Re: Skin texture (alien skin)

    Based on the filters I have used form them, there are probably tons that are better. However, why not do it by hand? Even if you totally rush it and do a 3 to 5 min job, the degrunge technique with some healing will give way better results.


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      Re: Skin texture (alien skin)

      Not really. Degrunge is not better than one of these plugins used correctly. The only thing better than any of these quick and dirty techniques is actually working by hand: cloning, healing and dodging and burning.


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        Re: Skin texture (alien skin)

        Based on what I have seen from the filter/plugin/action market, I respectfully disagree. Maybe some of the new stuff is doing a much better job that what they used to, however, I have yet to see a skin smoothing plugin that did not look like complete crap.

        I stand by my statement. Heal away blemishes and use degrunge/inverted high pass/apply image techniques and in 5 minutes you can have a better result that an automated "whatever".


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          Re: Skin texture (alien skin)

          Imagenomic Portraiture would be one of the top plug-ins to look at, if you still prefer that route. Topaz Clean would be another.


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            Re: Skin texture (alien skin)

            Again, my opinion, it depends on what you want to achieve, who is the client, and how much are you being paid for your time. I do both, hand, dodge and burn, and at times I've used Imagenomic. Not the same, granted. My son, who is a muscian, knows when another musician misses a note during a performance. I, however, have no clue and enjoyed the show.


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