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  • Advice on this image

    I was the assistant photographer on this shoot and the image below is one the clients would like to use. My first attempt they were not happy as they felt it was a bit overdone so I started over. Any feedback is welcome. I was not shooting w/ lights as I was there just to capture what was possible w/ natural light.

    Feedback to improve what I have already started? One thing I still need to do is lighten the eyes.


    Original file:

    Edited Version:

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    Re: Advice on this image

    Tell them to talk to the guy/gal you assisted. S/He should have some with proper lighting. Also, quit using actions on your work, it looks well...less than professional.


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      Re: Advice on this image

      You misunderstand, the lead photographer has proper lighting. This shot was an additional shot.
      And there were no actions used on either of the photos, the editing I performed was using ACR and I lightened it slightly w/ the exposure, brightness and the tonal command within ACR.
      So I guess you are saying my photo looks less than professional.


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        Re: Advice on this image

        What they probably liked in the original image was the contrast. Utilize the shadows dont erase them. Keep it moody and directional. They liked your shot because it was natural.


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          Re: Advice on this image

          Just my opinion but I think I would have left it on the darker side to keep the dramatic effect

          ~~~~Original~~~~~Your Edit~~~~~My Sample~~
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            Re: Advice on this image

            Maybe some thing like this:
            Attached Files


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              Re: Advice on this image

              ylwdog, no offense intended, but the glow around the white shit and the noise patterning is similar to what we see with some actions. I was going to post a sample, but you already have a couple good ones here...


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                Re: Advice on this image

                Thanks...(Ha ha)- no problem no offense taken... I was just poking a little fun back
                It took me a while to figure out what was going on w/ that outer glow. I shot this through a Lee Soft filter #2 and I think the reflection from the natural light caused this issue. It was quite bad on a bunch of others from this session.
                Last edited by ylwdog; 03-07-2010, 05:24 AM.


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                  Re: Advice on this image

                  Thanks everyone for their input.
                  I have submitted different versions to the client in different degrees of contrast to see what she likes.

                  Thank you,



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                    Re: Advice on this image

                    pretty much agree with everything said....the contrast it was makes it interesting..maybe a few spots can be fixed but you want to keep that effect.

                    A good thing to remember: Don't show any work you don't like or aren't completely comfortable with. Clients will choose that piece so much more often than you'd like.


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                      Re: Advice on this image

                      Thanks for the advice.... I agree about not posting before images are ready. This was a bit of a different situation, I will leave it at that. But thanks for the advice.




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