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Wacom tablet settings for retouching and painting?

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  • Wacom tablet settings for retouching and painting?

    I have a wacom intuitos 4. I really like it, but have always had trouble getting it to paint smoothly so that individual brush strokes don't show. Because of this problem, I tend to use it with the pressure sensitivity turned off in both shape dynamics and other dynamics or else apply a slight gaussian blur to smooth out brushstrokes. I feel that turning off the sensitivity somehow defeats the whole point of a tablet by making it behave like a very precise mouse.

    My background is as a classically trained realistic oil painter and I would like to use the tablet for creating realistic paintings in photoshop from scratch. As a retoucher, I often have to work on defective product shots that require extensive painting to make the image look good. I am wondering what settings people think would be good for painting with my wacom?

    I am also wondering what settings people like to use with their tablet and in the brushes palette for dodging and burning skin pores and for general retouching? Thanks a lot for your help.

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    Re: Wacom tablet settings for retouching and paint

    1. In Preferences>Cursors choose either the Normal Brush Tip or the Full Size Brush Tip

    2. Make sure you're using the softest setting for your brush. With the brush tool chosen, right click and set the softness to 0%. You can also set this by repeatedly pressing Shift + [ until it becomes no softer.

    3. Set your flow to 1% in the tool options at the top of the screen. This will give you a very subtle and easy to control response for D&B. If it's too light, you can increase the percentage. If it's too strong, you can either reduce the opacity, or reduce the spacing in the brush settings dialogue. I do not use the airbrush feature but some may find that more suited to how the work.

    4. Definitely leave pressure sensitivity on. It's the whole reason for using a tablet to control the width of the stroke. Make your brush larger than the area you're correcting and use a medium pressure that you can make larger or smaller for the best workflow.

    Let me know if any of this is confusing or doesn't seem to remedy your issue.


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      Re: Wacom tablet settings for retouching and paint

      Great info. We should start a thread with all the settings for the buttons. I'd like to know what people are using. On my pen, i have the undo and the grab tool.

      And on the tablet, on the top 4 buttons i haven't assigned those yet. But the bottoms are almost all color related and 100%fit.

      On the dial

      Dial1 = Brush Size
      Dial2 = Harshness size
      Dial3 = Zoom
      Dial4 = not assigned

      I'd love to hear what others are using.